Dr. Shelley Berson

Ahead of the curve with in-depth experience in state-of-the-art sleep-disorder science

Shelley Berson, M.D.

Dr. Shelley Berson, founder of ZZenter, is a pioneer in approaching sleep disorders from the combined ear-nose-and-throat (ENT) and allergy perspectives. She is part of an elite group of physicians combining Board Certification in Sleep Medicine, ENT Medicine, and Allergy Medicine. Merging these three specialties — which she has done since 1991 — uniquely qualifies her to treat your sleep problems.

Dr. Berson’s credentials

Customized care

Dr. Berson calls on expert nutritionists, respiratory therapists, circadian-rhythm specialists and other practitioners as necessary to provide customized care to her patients. (Your insurance may not cover all of these services.)