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Too many people are losing sleep over undiagnosed medical conditions…. You may be one of them!

More of us suffer from sleep disorders

Sleep that is well timed and richly tuned should be a nightly virtuoso performance. Unfortunately, bed time is not always equal to sleep time and snoring is not pleasant music. About 45 million Americans have obstructive sleep apnea, fewer than 10 percent of those are treated, and 60 percent of snorers have some apnea (temporary cessation of breathing). Sleep deprivation and insomnia are on the rise as internal and external noises drown out our efforts to diet and exercise. We live longer and face more stress. Technological advances, blurred time zones and businesses that run 24/7 give us a world that never sleeps. Lifestyle choices (like addictions to computer gaming and facebooking into the wee hours, fueled by caffeine, simple carb diets and alcohol) have altered our biological clocks. We are more likely to function on suboptimal fragmented sleep and to suffer from undiagnosed sleep disorders disguised as physical and mental ailments like obesity, heart attacks, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and depression — commonly believed to be normal conditions of aging.

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